A National Benefits and Risk Management Firm with over 35 years of combined experience. Modi Benefits Focus on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry and is determined to provide its partners with innovative cost-saving strategies. Our creativity and perspective in understanding how the insurance world constantly changes, along with our intelligence and confidence to act on that insight, represents the core of our business. Understanding the trends and forces that have and will shape our business, as well as the business of our clients, enables Modi Benefits to always be prepared steps ahead. The long-term destination for our company is built on the foundation of winning together with our partners while being ready for tomorrow, today.


Integrity: We act with honesty, fairness, respect and safety, furthering a culture of unquestioned integrity. This strengthens relationships across businesses and functions.
Innovation: We believe there is always a better way to achieve excellent results. We encourage change and seek the opportunities it brings.
Dedication: We are determined to finding strategic solutions to address our client’s issues and concerns. Our team is committed to success and prepared to overcome any obstacles we may face.
Execution: Our process is detailed and thorough; our execution is swift and precise.

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